Meet the Hosts of L'Sota


Dave (Host)

Dave entered the Alternative Adult Lifestyle (swinging) by joining a club "Variety '78" while attending the University of Iowa in 1978 at the age of 21. After completing 6 years at the University, Dave went on to become the direct owner of various businesses as well as CEO and Chairman of two corporations. He also serves as a consultant to various corporate businesses, groups and sole proprietors.

As a long time single parent of two boys (now both well out of the nest), Dave enjoys attending as well as being a participant over the years as a driver in Sprint, Midget, Legends, Silver Crown and sponsorships in the Indy car racing series (IRL), flying aircraft, live theatre, playing guitar and drums, comedy clubs, symphony and fishing for Shark in the Atlantic. Musky, Northerns and Walleye fishing in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin as well as in Canada rounds out his out door activities. Other interests include pleasure horses, horse shows, rodeo's as well as small animals such as dogs and cats.

Dave enjoys spending time on the smaller boats and the cruiser. Boating, water skiing and he truly enjoys working! Traveling domestically as well as internationally, Deejaying on a professional level, warm white sand beaches in the US, the Caribbean and in the Pacific rim areas. Politics, Greyhound racing, writing, beautiful women, limousines, romantic candlelight dinners, hot tubing, playing, getting naked and of course "partying", better know as pure hedonistic sex!

As a non drinker, Dave indicates he just never aquired a taste for it. "If you can't obtain a 'buzz' on life itself without drugs and/or alcohol you may have a problem".

Within the Alternative Adult Lifestyle, Dave was the "founding father" of L’Sota in the late ‘80’s. He has served on the national board of directors of SOS (Society of Swingers Legal Assistance Fund) from 1996-2001. Dave as well as his female partners have provided and presented orientations for new couples and singles, as well as workshops and seminars at most all of the major conventions throughout America. These major conventions include Conclave, Visions, Happenings as well as the T.L.O. Convention (The Lifestyle Organization), including presentations at various regional conventions and clubs throughout the U.S.

Dave further is politically active, he is involved in the National Coalition Against Censorship, NOW, NARAL and the ACLU, as well as various other organizations dedicated to preserving the rights, pro-choice and First Amendment freedoms of the people.

He was instrumental along with the "founding mothers" of L'Sota, Rita and Dena, with not only providing couples with a clean, secure, safe and fun venue to meet other couples, but also providing bi females a club where bi females are able to safely meet other bi females and couples.

The philosophy of "Dave" is to promote and advocate that all women have the right to be as sexually free, as well as open with their sexuality as what men have been for decades. Dave has fought on the forefront of women’s issues, including abortion rights, the equal rights amendment as well as other issues involving the rights of women.

Dave, Dena and Rita have built L’Sota around the premise that women as well as couples deserve and desire a safe, clean, no pressure, secure and of course a fun club. L'Sota is a club where both couples and single women can meet for totally no-pressure partying and good times, where R E S P E C T and "no thank you" means "NO THANK YOU!" -- are the golden rules.

Dave truly practices the Hedonistic Alternative Lifestyle. His writings on topics ranging from The Lifestyle to Human and First Amendment Rights have appeared in many national publications including Connection Magazine. He also has written and has had published many articles on swinging, the Lifestyle and many other articles in print as well as on the net upon varies websites.

Dave has dedicated much of his life to human and political rights and freedoms as well as the Alternative Lifestyle that he lives and practices on a daily basis. You may contact Dave personally at

Dena (Hostess)

I first became involved in the adult industry in 1987 at age 19. I owned and operated two adult bookstores. This is how I met Dave. He introduced me to the lifestyle. I had a lot of fun being in the adult industry and the Lifestyle was easy to accept and become apart of. I thoroughly believed in the fact that people had a right to their own sex lives. What went on behind closed doors were up to two or more adults and no one should interfere.

I grew up in a very small town and I have been very family oriented. I attended our one and only Methodists Church. I was a bible schoolteacher, I was involved in the youth group and I also helped with Sunday school. I attended Cosmetology school which I decided that it was just not for me. That is when the bookstores came into effect.

Dave, Rita and I were the founders of L’Sota and we are very proud of the club. I was involved with my businesses at the time L'Sota became a club so I was able to provide a location for L’Sota to have their get togethers. I also helped provide the members with any toys and lingerie that they needed as I continue to do even today. I would like to think that my input helped with trying to decide on what kind of a club we wanted L'Sota to be and how we wanted it to be ran.   I enjoy racing, traveling, fishing, working and just having fun. I really enjoy working on computers as well as building web sites. I am the "web mistress" of L'Sota, Dave is the web master.....

I believe that the Lifestyle is for all open minded adult individuals, size, race and looks have nothing at all to do with swinging and the Alternative Adult Lifestyle. Cleanliness as well as Attitude has everything to do with the Lifestyle. I am a larger gal, I have never had a problem with getting together with other gals, couples or any combination there of. This I feel has a lot to do with my out going personality. I am bi yes, very bi. If you as a bi female have questions reference the bi thing, I would be happy to talk with you.

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Questions? Simply call or e-mail us direct at

(319) 329-3306.