L'Sota is full of cliques and only desires the "pretty people" to become members.




L'Sota has very few members that aren't comfortable in a larger group. A very few are only comfortable in small groups, all clubs and organizations will have this occur. Most often it is not due to "cliques" it's more often due to the fact that a few are somewhat insecure.

It has nothing at all to do with being "snobs". L'Sota discourages cliques of any type. All of the L'Sota membership consists of every day people, small, tall, big, short, medium etc. Great attitudes and respect is what L'Sota is really all about.

L'Sota allows public sex!! L'Sota follows all laws, thus there is no public sex allowed by any member(s) within or upon any public area at any L'Sota functions!! In fact if public sex is detected upon any location where L'Sota is hosting a function those L'Sota members involved shall be asked to immediate leave the location AND those involved shall have their L'Sota membership immediately revoked.
L'Sota requires females to sleep with the hosts or co-hosts before you can be a member!! L'Sota doesn't require anyone to do anything that they do not desire to do with anyone at anytime for any reason. The Lifestyle and L'Sota is about respect, having fun and enjoying yourself, not about being required to do something that you don't want to do.
L'Sota allows single males to harass the couples and single females that attend the functions. L'Sota restricts the number of Limited memberhips to single males. L'Sota has in place and shall always enforce the rules strictly when it comes to "NO" means "NO THANKS".

Currently single males are permitted to become L'Sota "Limited" members and then on a very limited basis.

L'Sota makes a lot of money. L'Sota was founded in 1988 and is a not-for-profit club. All memberships, donations, and out of kind contributions are used by L'Sota for L'Sota's expenses. Operating costs to run a first class safe, and progressive club like L'Sota is costly. Operational expenses are much more then what one might even imagine.
L'Sota allows public nudity!!! L'Sota follows all laws, thus there is no public nudity at any of its functions!! In fact if public nudity is detected upon any location where L'Sota is hosting a function those involved shall be asked to immediate leave the location AND those involved shall have their L'Sota membership immediately revoked.
The hosts of L'Sota don't party. The hosts of L'Sota are in the positions they are in because of their beliefs in as well as their experience, knowledge and understanding of the Alternative Adult Lifestyle "swinging". Yes, the hosts party and play and play and party!
Is L'Sota like other clubs where there is a large volume of alcoholic beverages consumed. NO! Most all L'Sota members believe that adult Partying has nothing to do with becoming intoxicated. To a few it's the "alcohol that made us do it". Those are the individuals that we desire do not become members of L'Sota. L'Sota is a true swing club not a "get drunk club"!
We as a couple desire to party discreetly and not become "friends first", can we do this at L'Sota? Most certainly! Some clubs place emphasize on or require you to be "friends first". As adults, if you become friends or if you don't is totally your choice. If you desire to play and remain anonymous that choice is totally up to you. L'Sota is a very discreet club, always has been, always shall be. Logically it takes most people a long time to become true "friends". If you have the time and desire to become "friends first" great. Freedom of choice is alive and well at L'Sota. The choice is yours.
Do we need an invitation to attend L'Sota? No! All couples and single females over the age of 21 years of age are welcome to become L'Sota members and attend L'Sota functions.
L'Sota is higher in cost then another club? Our research indicates no. Unlike other clubs we don't have or in all honesty we don't desire 100 plus couples at a function. L'Sota has always been a "not for profit" club. With most everything in life you most often receive what you pay for. L'Sota places cleanliness, quality as well as your security and comfort as a high priority.
We want a club with a large number of couples attending, is that L'Sota? What is "a large number"? To be honest, L'Sota desires quality down to earth couples that truly want to party and respectfully play. If you have 75 couples in attendance and only 25 are true swingers meaning those that actually play and swap then really the numbers mean nothing.

After all, L'Sota is a swing club, not a "Bar" club, not a club where true swingers are on display for the wanna-bees to view and rub elbows with. L'Sota is therefore a club where couples and single females that truly desire to party, play and enjoy know there shall be other like- minded couples attending. Couples that know where the quality adult partying is the finest, that's at L'Sota.

Some of L'Sota's members are old and fat. We hear this by a very few "pretty people"....or shall we say those that THINK they are "pretty people in there what, 30's? Hell, to a 21 year old the 30 somethings are "old".

L'Sota is NOT a "Ken and Barbie" "pretty people" club where everyone is hard bodies and 25 years old. Sure there are some, most howver are simply everyday people. A few, I'm sure, come complete with stretch marks from child birth etc. Gee, some may even possess a surgical scar or two and some maybe even carry a few extra pounds? Hey, this ain't Hollywood Sparky!

L'Sota's Orientation takes hours to complete. The Orientation that is hosted by L'Sota takes an hour to an hour and a half to complete. As a member couple or single, once you have complete Orientaion you're goood to go. Never, unless you so desire, must you ever complete or attend another L'Sota Orientation.
Swingers are always couples in relationships.
It is more than evident that swingers are highly sexual people and would like more than what they usually get on a regular basis. That is the reason why they sought the swinging lifestyle to fulfill their excessive sexual craving. Now this means that they would like to do more than just one to one and it's most common to indulge in threesomes and sometimes moresomes.

You would be surprised to know the actual numbers of couples that are  swingers who are in fact seeking single men or single women to join them during sexual activities.

It is not safe to follow the swinging lifestyle as swingers usually pass on sexual diseases.
As a matter of fact, having unsafe sex could be dangerous to anybody, not just Swingers. That said, it is not true that practicing or indulging in swinging leads to sexually transmitted disease.

It is more likely that true swingers maintain higher hygiene in comparison to other people since they are very well educated about the pros and cons of having sex. Many veterans of swing are tested often, some even on a monthly basis.

Swinging as in the Swinging Lifestyle is a thing of 60’s and 70’s and has now phased out. 
The Sixties and Seventies were decades when the young world was ruled by the hippie culture. The young generation then was taken by a wave of this culture which exposed many things like gay sex, the swinging lifestyle, etc. that were being suppressed all through past generations by a conservative society.

This gave an impression to people that it is a thing of past, but the reality is that the number of true swingers following the Swinging Lifestyle has actually increased with the population in the 90's and into the 21 century.

Swinging is a bad thing for a good relationship.
Swinging can be a bad thing for a good relationship. It depends on the trust level of both people. If either man or woman has a tendency to be jealous, It is recommend against swinging.

Only if both people are highly confident with each other, and with their relationship, it is recommend taking that first step by getting into swinging.

Swinging is dirty perversion.
For tens of thousands of happy highly sexual couples in the U.S., being a swinger is a beautiful thing. They belong to a prestigious club that most people will never belong to, because most people lack an adventurous spirit and a high sex drive and never experience their fantasies in real life.

If you have an interest in swinging, of involving you and your spouse/ significant other in highly pleasurable sexual encounters with other singles and couples, they're out here waiting for you. Join the fun, live your fantasies. Become a swinger.

My body isn’t good enough.
Yes, as we mentioned above, this can be a common phobia for men and women. The lifestyle and L'Sota attracts people from all walks of life, all body shapes and sizes, and is very accepting of body issues.

Yes you see implants, you see older people, you see the fit and athletic types, you see overweight and people with birth marks or surgery scars.

We are all human and no one of us is perfect – we just want to be loved and accepted.

I/we have to have sexy at L'Sota.
Only if you choose to. Some couples simply use L'Sota to spice up their own sex life and don’t involve others. Some soft swing where they may play with others but not actually have penetrative sexual intercourse, and then some go the whole way.

At L'Sota you can have it your way as long as all involved are consenting.

Will my husband get all the attention?
Actually swinging for many men is often a let down. Their fantasies aren’t normally based in any sense of reality. The reality is that while men may suggest going to the clubs, women receive most of the attention and tend to be more involved at a social and sensual level.

The idea that men can attend L'Sota and simply let rip, is rarely true. Couples are mainly there to interact as couples with couples and not be hit on by stray males. At L'Sota, single males are almost nonexistent.

My husband is forcing me to go.
Then definately don’t attend! If you have a fear of parachuting – would you jump out of a plane? I think not. So apply the same approach as you would to anything in life. If he's forcing you then we prefer you as a couple didn't attend.
Our/my other friends may find out.
This is a concern for couples as well as single females. Unless they attend or you tell them they won't know. At L'Sota, we suggest that if in fact you encounter someone you know, you simply don't sleep with them....unless you so desire. This has seldom happened in over 20 years of hosting L'Sota.

All you really are doing is attending a dance. If you don't play with them how would they know that you really are "swingers". Who you play with or go off with if you do so discreetly, no one will never really know.

Most all couples that attend L'Sota are very discreet. Having a policy of not giving your personal contact details to anyone no matter how cute they are is another way of discretion.

What if someone "outted" us or me that also attended L'Sota?
First of all, after an investigation if this was found to be the case they or the one(s) doing the "outting" would have their privileged to attend L'Sota revoked! Never have we had this occur.
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